Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome To My Blog

Greetings Everyone,

   The main Reason I have chosen to start this blog is simple. In NA Tera they did a piss poor job of the censoring, that was completely unnecessary in a game that was rated M. I have an elin of each armor type, but thanks to the censoring they damn near all of the armors I get have the same plain, unoriginal, boring, non-detailed shorts on them. If they did it like K-Tera where they were unique, and had details it would be fine. However, this is not what they did so I am sharing the original K-Tera files with you.

   I do not however plan to do any modding, only share with you the original K-Tera armor models.

I hope you all have a wonderful Day


  1. Thank you for not only de-censoring Elin, but also other races!

  2. They did a horrendous job not only on the visuals, but on the voices as well.